Ten Things I Want My Children to Know

Ten Things I Want My Children to Know

  1. YOU ARE GOOD. You were born good and remain good, nothing can change the core of who you are. You will make mistakes, you may even do some uncool things in your life but that is your behavior, not you. You will need to examine and change some behaviors throughout life but you remain good.

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2. TEACH THE WORLD HOW TO TREAT YOU. You will be treated as you wish to be treated. Only you have the power to decide how you are treated. The world will respond to your command.

3. SOME PEOPLE WILL NOT SEE YOUR GOODNESS, REMOVE THEM FROM YOUR LIFE. For many reasons you will come across people throughout life that do not respect you or like you, etc. If you have been fair, and taken responsibility for your part, if you have asked for forgiveness and they remain unkind to you, WALK AWAY.

4. FLY;

F –FORGIVE. Forgiveness is the key to a happy life. It holds tremendous power. Forgive those around you and know when to ask for forgiveness.

 L-LOVE, Your ability to love is endless. Don’t worry you will run out of it, love everyone and love them loud. Say, “I love you” to everyone you love. Never hold back on loving anyone.

Y- YEILD. Do not let your ego ever get in the way of a friendship or relationship. Life is about giving and taking, working through things. There will be times when you will have to give in even though you really do not want to, do it anyway.

5. NEVER LOSE PURPOSE. Purpose keeps the mind busy, alert and happy. Your mind is like your body, it needs good food for thought to stay healthy. Find purpose in the little things in life too. A purposeful life is a fulfilling life.

6. IF SOMEONE IS UPSET WITH YOU , do not fret about it too much, it usually has more to do with them than you anyway…. If you are upset with someone, do not fret over them too much, it usually has more to do with you anyway.

7. LIFE IS NOT FAIR. Do not waste time comparing, whining or being the victim.

8. LEARN TO BE ALONE WITHOUT FEELING LONELY. Needing others or constant stimulation will wear you out and you will never win it. Boredom is no fun but loneliness can destroy you. Find peace; quiet, alone time calms the mind, helps focus your priorities and allows your creativity to blossom. You MUST make it part of your daily life.

9. LET NOTHING DEFINE YOU BUT YOUR HEART. It makes no difference what color you are, what school you attended or how much money you have in the bank. Your heart is your compass. Be kind in small ways and big ways. Be kind to strangers and to the people you love. Be kind every day, all day. None of us have any idea what each other are going through so just be kind. Simple as that!

10. KNOW YOU ARE MORE LIKE OTHERS THAN YOU WILL EVER KNOW. Everyone has insecurities, negative self-talk, problems and if they say they don’t, they are lying. Forgive yourself; love yourself, like yourself and most important, respect yourself. If you don’t feel this way, change the behavior keeping you from feeling this way. Remember #1, YOU are GOOD.