My Love

Enjoying a Saturday night

Bobby with the best Christmas present ever

Bobby with Kitten now!

My boys and Liz’s girls

Olivia and Evan at prom

Christmas 2010

Sweet memories

My Mill Valley Family

Wonderful to be all together

Our Favorite Tutor

Proud grandparents Betty and Dan Holding Olivia

Olivia as a blond

Olivia preparing for a Wishes reading

Welcoming 2012

Liz and Bill celebrating

Celebrating Olivia's 18th birthday with Ellie

Jack at his art

Jack finally done!

Me and my boys

Bernet/Bernard after a long day on the slopes

Sweet beautiful Lisa

Too early to eat all of this but they will try


Billy reading to Aden

Tricia and Sheila, true friends

My Mom and Dad dancing at our wedding

Having fun with Leigh Ann

Vanessa"s baby shower

So proud of Julie getting her white coat.

Allegra's room from Barbara's creation

My fabulous friends showing off their yoga bodies

Trici, Liz dining in New York

Enjoying a Friday lunch with Leeza at Spago.

Wonderful Ellie

My favorite ladies making a difference in the world, Barbara Lazaroff and Leeza Gibbons

Finally meeting sweet wonderful Pam

Beautiful girls

Happy family

So pretty!

Billy building houses in South America

Corie and Donna happy and wonderful

So sweet, Corie and KJ

Beautiful Ellie

Partying with the family

Mill Valley at its best

Getting ready for a night out in Santa Monica

the sisterhood of 80

Family today and tomorrow

Liz and her beautiful girls

Go Flyers!

Tricia and Kris

Ryan and Laura's wedding, the whole LaVoice gang

Avon love

I love you Mary, listening to Heart 1975 - 2012

Liz and Cheryl climbing Mount Ranier

Mason first beach day

Helen and Vanessa looking pretty as always

Tricia and Dorothy celebrating

My adopted daughters

Swinging with loving amazing Sondra

Soul Sister


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