Wishes for a Mothers Heart
Wishes for a mother's heart

The beautiful parable of the water bugs and the dragonfly, written by an anonymous author, has often been a source of comfort and inspiration to those who have suffered the loss of a loved one. The dragonfly stands as a symbol of transformation and the different stages of life, a reminder that there is more to the world than our current perception allows.

In Wishes for the Grieving and Healing Heart, author Tricia LaVoice expands upon this metaphor and uses her own personal experiences to deliver earnest insights into the emotion of loss. Her original prose, poetry, reflections, and pragmatic suggestions address the pain and suffering we experience after losing a loved one. She opens an honest conversation on the courage and support it takes to properly grieve before finding the love we need from ourselves and others to begin to heal.

This book is comforting and loving, candid and raw-and it's a must-read for anyone who has lost someone dear to their heart.

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Wishes for a mother's heart

Three friends with wildly different lives—but the same heart—come together to celebrate hopes, dreams, and the Wishes that fuel them. Loving friends Tricia LaVoice and Barbara Lazaroff have created a timeless collection of original reflections and pragmatic suggestions for a more fulfilling and purposeful life. With a beautiful foreword by Leeza Gibbons the book a tribute to women of all ages, this book honors the significant connections that women share with their mothers, daughters, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, and friends—and the bonds of sisterhood that permeate their lives with support, devotion, and wisdom.

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Wishes for Better Living: Thoughts and Inspirations for Everyday Transformation is the first of four e-books in a series brought to you by Wishes. This collection of original prose and poetry, reflections, and pragmatic suggestions explores subject matters ranging from addressing your problems head-on to incorporating small acts of kindness into your everyday world.

The book offers us the opportunity to reflect on our everyday world, adjust our thoughts, and then take small action to bring greater harmony and peace into our lives.

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As I started writing this book, I began thinking about the different shades of love in my life and the role they each play, as well as the vast opportunities we have to fill our lives with love. I’m not only talking about romantic love or the love of a child, I’m talking about loving every part of your life. We can love our work, our gardens, our friends, our homes, our age, our time alone, our time together, etc. Filling our lives with love can be an endless process, providing infinite fulfillment. When we bring attention to something by declaring “I love it,” we devote ourselves to a deeply enriching life. That is the promise offered in this book.

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Pieces of my Mother
pieces of my Mother

Pieces of My Mother is a book of love, loyalty, grief and hardship. It is a beautifully written memoir that gives hope to anyone who has suffered a pain so deep it hurts to breathe. This true story is an example of human kindness at its best, while confirming how love can heal a shattered heart. Tricia LaVoice, walks the reader through her journey of losing both of her parents in a sudden automobile accident. After the tragedy two very special women came into her life. The timing of the relationships often left her questioning if her mother had sent them to her. Both women, strong and loving who have endured their own personal hardships, offered her the unconditional love she needed to restore her passion and faith in life. Their guidance and support enabled her to be the mother and wife she wished to be for her own family. Pieces of My Mother is full of warm and funny moments that make for a touching and inspirational read.

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Helmets and Hoses

Patricia LaVoice tackles an important but oft times ignored subject. Tommy and Nicholas come in soaked from playing in the rain. While their mothers get dry clothes and put on the kettle for warm cocoa, the boys realize that their penises are different. Through age-appropriate dialogue and honest but simple conversations with their mothers, the boys find out that whether circumcised or not, their bodies are normal and perfect for them. Artwork is decent enough for any classroom and never below the waist.


October 15, 2012:
Listen to Wishes For The Grieving and Healing Heart with Tricia LaVoice

Tricia LaVoice talks with Diane Ray about her latest book venture Wishes For The Grieving Heart. What started out as supportive messages for friends or "wishes" has turned in to a series of inspirational books.


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